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15 Days Yoga Retreat In Rishikesh - About

2 weeks yoga practice on daily basis Pranayama and meditation sessions Surya Namaskar and breathing techniques Sessions on Yogic lifestyle, philosophy, physiology and anatomy Accommodation with daily meals and tea Wi-Fi availability Yoga styles will cover Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Weekend excursion including Ganga Arti, trekking and hiking to Himalayas, holy caves, temples, river rafting

The stay at Buddha Yogpeeth will be peaceful and as comfortable as it could be and uttermost attention will be given to individual´┐Żs comfort and convenience. What are you thinking now? Simply enrol and join for the 15 days yoga retreat in rishikesh, India in our ashram and get the guidance from the best yoga teachers and gurus providing training in the best possible way out. They will not only help you learn how to do basic forms of Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga but also make you understand how to meditate and do pranayama correctly so that you can actually understand about the benefits and also how to attain and get to self-realization.

The purpose of yoga retreat is to let you be away completely from your hectic life schedule and have fun with your peers and could enjoy time being spent with yourself in the search of real you and also going on activities altogether like visiting temples, listening arti on Ganga ghats, doing power yoga, hiking, trekking, mantra chanting, dancing on yogic music, understanding about yogic lifestyle and more.

What all is covered?

15 Days Yoga Retreat

  • 15 days yoga retreat in rishikesh, India is ideal for people looking for a small spiritual outing. Do you feel bored with your day to day life routine? Want to spend some spiritual time and that too away from the hectic and busy life schedule? Looking for a getaway and in search for self realization? Wish to delve into the layers of Yoga and understand the positive aspects of the same? Care to join for 15 days yoga retreat program at Buddha Yogpeeth and you will get your answers for sure. Recognized as one of the best Yoga school in India, we are located on the banks of river Ganges, amidst the serenity and peaceful surroundings, ideal for practicing Yoga and Meditation and have a quality time.

  • Many a times, there comes a phase in each of our lives that we let ourselves fall into a loop of stress and wish that someone could just pull out from there. At Buddha Yogpeeth, we offer 15 days yoga retreat in rishikesh, India program for all those who wishes for an escape and found peace within. The retreat is going to serve you like any other vacation and that too filled with learning, information, education, laughter and fun.

    Our yoga gurus will help you in learning how to meditate properly and attain self realization. Ultimately, it is the path to let go of all worries, tension, bad feelings in life and our teachers will put every endeavour possible in order to help students in cleansing their mind, having a control on their mind power that is not available to everyone. Simply follow up the rules and make every minute of your life worth living for! Feel free to get back to us with any query or enroll for the 15 days yoga retreat in rishikesh, India program with Buddha Yogpeeth. We are looking forward to hear from you.

    Want to become a Yoga teacher or seeking for personal growth in terms of practicing the forms and achieve satisfaction? Taught by the best and well known yoga gurus of India, the motive of our offered 15 days yoga retreat in rishikesh, India program is to make students understand about Yoga, its forms, philosophy and anatomy, Yoga practices, what positives it could have on them, how it could help them in staying motivated and happy, and most important a way to self realization and inner peace.



DATES DATES Shared/Private
2 to 15 Jan 5 to 18 Jan $450/$550
2 to 15 Feb 5 to 18 Feb $450/$550
2 to 15 March 5 to 18 March $450/$550
2 to 15 April 5 to 18 April $450/$550
2 to 15 May 5 to 18 May $450/$550
2 to 15 June 5 to 18 June $450/$550
2 to 15 July 5 to 18 July $450/$550
2 to 15 August 5 to 18 August $450/$550
2 to 15 September 5 to 18 Jan $450/$550
2 to 15 October 5 to 18 October $450/$550
2 to 15 November 5 to 18 November $450/$550
2 to 15 December 5 to 18 December $450/$550